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Your Natural Gas Meter

GMG will install and maintain one set of metering equipment on Company owned piping for each natural gas account.

Your natural gas meter will be read by a qualified technician each month. Your actual read date will depend on the location of your property.  Occasionally, we may not be able to get an actual read. This can happen due to a locked gate, the family dog, or severe weather conditions. If you want to know if your usage has been estimated, look for an (E) next to your meter read on your billing statement. A company meter reader must be given access to the property to perform an actual meter read at least once every twelve months.

For a service location with two meters or less, please fill out the Meter Read Submission form below.

If you are a customer who desires to provide reads for more than two meters, please download our Multi-Meter Form below. Please submit all completed forms to For question about submitting self-reads, please call GMG toll free at (888)931-3411 for more details. 

How to Read a Dial Type Meter How to Read a Dial Type Meter (162 KB)

Multi-Meter Read Form Multi-Meter Read Form (12 KB)

Meter Read Submission Form

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