Why Choose GMG

We're different...and proud of it.

Greater Minnesota Gas is not just another utility company with a large administrative network and corporate headquarters thousands of miles away. We're small, we're local, and we're proud of it.

At GMG, we create solutions that fit the needs of our customers and the communities we serve. We go outside the standard service model used by the big utility groups. We find ways to bring natural gas service to large agricultural businesses, small manufacturing companies, close knit communities, and everything in between.   

We work with the local community to propose, plan and manage service installation. Often we can work within the existing road repair or public works schedule to minimize disruption to residents.

Because we are local to Minnesota, we can approve custom solutions quickly - often in a few days. Our small team means our decision makers work directly with the communities we serve, often meeting in person to resolve issues or discuss opportunities.  

Reducing energy costs. Improving local economies.

Why GMG? Take a look at the communities we have supplied with natural gas service. Listen to the stories of people who have experienced the benefits of access to clean, affordable energy.

Natural Gas is often significantly more affordable than the other forms of energy available to rural communities. The cost reduction frees up resources to fund other needs the home, business or community. 

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Contact Details

Address: 202 South Main Street | P.O. Box 68, Le Sueur, MN 56058

Email: gmg@greatermngas.com

Google Maps: See our location online.

Toll Free: 888-931-3411